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Shri Kamal Mangal

Founder & Chairman
Anand Niketan
Group of Schools

Anand Niketan came into being when I saw a sad and confusing problem around me. Students were not enjoying their learning. In fact, was it even possible to truly learn when one feared and detested it? I count myself to be a lifelong learner, someone who loves to learn new things and solve complex problems. Then why was this thing that I loved so dearly, something that is part of the human experience, a source of such stress and misery to our students? Seeing this, I wanted to create a space where students came to learn willingly, even passionately! A place that provided students with the means to build their knowledge, with experiences that enriched their perspectives and world views. I wanted to see a school where students were joyful when solving complex problems and collaborating to build knowledge together.

Anand Niketan, as the name suggests is a place of great joy and happiness. It is the aim of each and every staff member here to ensure that our students are joyful whenever they are in school. However, we make a clear distinction between the simple happiness that comes from doing the easy and comfortable things and the deep joy that engulfs us when we step out of our comfort zone, take risks, put in the sweat and tears and amaze everyone around us. That is the kind of joy we want our students to experience in school. We want our students to be bold in their lives after school and so we want them to be bold in their lives in school. We want them to anticipate and accept the grave discomfort that comes from doing the right thing even when and especially when they are alone. We want them to feel enriched not by taking from the world but by contributing to it.

Anand Niketan has always rejected the notion of students competing against each other because we know that won’t really help them reach their true potential. Contrary to popular belief, competition does not push students to be better, it pushes students to be better than others. This is a flawed mindset because just being better than the next person in not enough. It isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. The real potential of each student is vast and it can only be tapped when the student embarks on a journey of personal development; competing against himself/herself to be the best he/she can be. Hence, our goal in non-competition is not to protect the students from hurt or difficulty but to throw them into an arena where they are competing against their most difficult adversary: themselves. We truly believe that each child is brilliant and can do wonders if freed from the chains of just trying to be better than everyone else.

And thus, I wish that each student and parent that joins hands with us is committed to the goals we must reach together: creating lifelong learners who are never afraid to compete with their own selves; nurturing bold individuals not afraid to take important risks that contribute to making the world a better place.